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Real fear in a virtual world, CNN SciTechBlog

VHIL researcher Kathryn Segovia says people have real, emotional reactions to virtual reality. Virtual environments could be used to help with a person's fear of heights, or help someone with an eating disorder.

Reality Bytes, AmericanWay Magazine

Professor Jeremy Bailenson and his graduate students are demonstrating how online lives affect off-line behavior, challenging a long-held assumption that it’s the other way around.

Mimicry, Weird Connections

People spend many hours a week interacting with digital others. VHIL uses the virtual world as a tool to understand the implications of this new form of social interaction.

Digital Selves, KALW Philosophy Talk

What makes your digital self you? What does your choice of digital selves show about you? And what makes onscreen representation more or less effective as digital selves? Radio interview with Jeremy Bailenson.