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The Virtual Reality Intensive Training Seminar was a two-week institute held on Sept. 8 -22, 2004 training undergraduates in the design and implementation of immersive virtual worlds.This program is offered again this year by the Communication Department with the help of the VPUE (Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education).

Guest lecturers introduced students to topics relevant to research in the social sciences and the use of VR in this field. Video conferences with Industry leaders were also held to introduce students to the technical details of VR.

Students were introduced to the following areas:

Currently, students work closely with faculty in the Virtual Human Interaction Lab as research assistants. Students use VR as an area of study and methodological tool for social science research.

Jon Shih
Adrian De La Mora
Julia Hu
Nicole Lundblad
Megan Miller
Jaireh Tecarro
Hassan Abudu
Josh Ainslie
Claire Carlson
Boyko Kakaradov
Andrew Orin
Aaron Sullivan

All undergraduates are welcome!

Here are some worlds that VRITS '04 Students created:

Public Speaking

Perspective Taking

Virtual Police Line Up

Virtual Police Line-up

Sustainable Ventures