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The Role of Virtual Reality in Autonomous Vehicles’ Safety

Nascimento, A.M., Queiroz, A.C.M., Vismari, L.F., Bailenson, J.N., Cugnasca, P.S, Camargo, J.B., & de Almeida, J.R. (2019) The Role of Virtual Reality in Autonomous Vehicles’ Safety, 2019 IEEE International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality (AIVR), doi 10.1109/AIVR.2019.00017

Environmental Education Research

The Environmental Education Research team aims at understanding how VR can be applied to enhancing science, environmental and ocean literacy in order to help address pressing societal issues such as the climate emergency. We conduct our studies in a wide range of settings, from small scale qualitative studies to large-scale quantitative studies across many multiple locations around the world (we are currently recruiting partners for this large-scale study).