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Virtual Becomes Reality: A Stanford VR Experience (2020)

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World Premiere: Tribeca Film Festival 2020

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“VIRTUAL BECOMES REALITY does an AMAZING job. It’s a new interactive model for sharing XR knowledge…. A must-watch piece for anyone in the industry.”
Kent Bye – Host of Voices of VR

For nearly two decades, our Lab has been a destination for world leaders, corporate executives, students, tourists, and community members to learn about the science behind Virtual Reality (VR).

It was simple – every Friday at 4pm, the first 24 people who showed up got a tour of the lab. Soon one tour a week wasn’t enough to meet demand as groups from all over the world became curious about this new technology. Over the years, at least 15,000 visitors made the trip. But now, travel to Stanford is no longer required. We are bringing the lab to you.

In this immersive tour, you will learn about the power of presence, fly like a superhero, deepen your understanding of human impacts on the environment, become a football quarterback, meet Grover from Sesame Street, see yourself as another person, and even grow a third arm.

With VR technology now widely available, it’s more important than ever to understand its impact on people and society. Join us in exploring how we can use this powerful medium to enhance our everyday lives.