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Aid the lab's research for course credit

Research AssistantsIf you are a current Stanford student, you may apply to become an aide in the lab for course credit. We take applications for each quarter of the academic year. Aide's earn 1 unit of course credit for every 3 hours of work in the lab per week (2 or 3 units is usually best for most people). As an aide you would assist in running participants for virtual reality experiments, help in the collection and coding of data for these experiments, and assist the Lab Manager with public tours and general lab tasks.

To apply, please fill out the application form below and send your unofficial transcript to the lab manager, Talia, at

Apply to be an Aide

Virtual Reality Intensive Training Seminar (VRITS)

The virtual worlds used here at VHIL have all been programmed by teams of Stanford undergraduate programmers. Each year, VHIL chooses about 10 undergraduate students to join our programming team for the full academic year. The time commitment is roughly equivalent to a 3-unit course (approximately 10 hours per week); however, these students receive quarterly stipends instead of course credit.

We seek talented students with programming or 3d modeling experience. Our virtual worlds are programmed using Python, Unity, or Unreal Engine. Having a background in python, C#, or C++ is a plus, but not required if you have strong programming skills in other languages.

If you do not have programming experience but do have experience with 2D or 3D modeling or art, you may be qualified to join the team as a 3D modeler. Feel free to make a note in any questions that ask about detailed CS background that you are applying for a modeling position.

VRITS Applications are closed for the 2019-2020 academic year. Please check back at the end of Winter Quarter 2020.

Interested in a graduate program?

VHIL is a research lab in the Department of Communication at Stanford. For more information about graduate programs in our department see the Communication website here: