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A Public Database of 360 Videos with Corresponding Ratings of Arousal and Valence

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Below is a comprehensive list of all immersive VR clips from the paper “A Public Database of 360 Videos with Corresponding Ratings of Arousal, Valence, and Correlations between Head Movements and Self Report Measures”

Clicking on the title of the video will lead you to the video content.

* Videos are no longer available online

 TitleValenceArousalTotal time (s)Description
1Abandoned building4.392.77120Daytime shot of an alley in between two abandoned buildings, with ambient music
2A Mumbai Summer5.874.6199Tour of the Mumbai, India, various shots of urban and suburban locations
3Abandoned City3.333.3350Virtual environment of a post-apocalyptic abandoned city
4Jared Leto Tour Guides Alaska’s Melting Glaciers4.733.33234Educational clip about the effects of climate change on Alaska’s glaciers
5Chernobyl VR 3603.064.18548Educational clip on the effects of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster on the town of Pripyat
6Sadness Elicitation – Lake Valley5.362.64119Virtual environment of a desolate valley
7Fukushima2.694.63560Journalistic feature on the effects of the Fukushima nuclear crisis
8Happyland 3603.333.4611Short documentary on a Manila dumpsite where 40,000 people call home
9Homeless Veterans*3.634.5164Educational clip on the plight of US veterans who are homeless
10New York 212143.93120Virtual environment of a post-apocalyptic and abandoned New York City
11North Korea*63.5640Journalistic clip on the everyday life of North Koreans
12The fight to save threatened species74.6124Various shots of animals threatened by extinction
13The Margins 4.924.08137Journalistic clip on illegal border crossing
14War Zone2.533.82183Journalistic clip of a war torn city
15Inside a bee hive3.693.9443The clip gives the viewer an upclose view of the inside of a bee hive together with a large number of bees
16Solitary Confinement 2.384.25221Short film on the emotional trauma of solitary confinement
17Survive a Bear Attack in VR!5.22590Short film on campers handling a bear attack
18The Displaced2.184.73668Journalistic feature on three homeless children
19The Nepal Earthquake Aftermath2.733.8240Short film on the effects of an earthquake in Nepal
20War Knows No Nation4.936.07448Short film on war that mixes computer-graphics with live-action footage
21Zombie Apocalypse Horror3.25.6265Action film where the viewer follows a group of soldiers defending against a zombie attack
22Great Ocean Road7.773.92118Aerial shots over various scenic locations in Australia
23Instant Caribbean Vacation7.23.2150Promotional video of a Caribbean cruise liner
24Blyde Canyon4.823.09157Promotional video introducing the features and scenic views of a large canyon
25The Most Beautiful Place in the World6.654.94186Various scenic shots of a man’s travels
26Getting Licked by a Cow in Ireland7.073.2165Viewer gets a closeup experience with a cow
27Seagulls61.6120Various video clips of seagulls at a quiet seaside
28Maldives beach and resort6.693.5138Various clips filmed at a beach in Maldives
29Fallen Trees*6.52.5146Atmospheric clip of various fallen trees in the forest
30Haleakala National Park Sunrise 6.723.3937Timelapse clip showing the sun rising over a forest
31Ibiza Wedding7.383.38310Various shots of a couple’s wedding party held at a beach resort
32Malaekahana Sunrise6.571.57120Viewer sees the sun rising over the horizon at a beach
33Pacific Sunset  Half Moon Bay6.191.81134Timelapse clip showing the sunset close to the sea
34Raising Ducklings62.63203Viewer gets a closeup experience with ducklings
35Redwoods  Walk Among Giants5.792120Various landscape shots of tall trees in forest
36Rocky Beach*62.3193Scenic shots of a beach
37Sunset of Oia-Santorini6.553.0989Timelapse clip of sunset over a Grecian town
38Mountain Stillness6.131.8128Atmospheric shots of Canadian snowy mountains
39Zip-lining in Chattanooga4.794.57127Viewer takes the perspective of a zip-liner in action
40VRKittens 6.074101Various up close shots of kittens
41Fighter Jet Patrouille Suisse6.554.73120Viewer takes the perspective of a fighter jet pilot in command of an airplane
42Cute Kittens Battle6.944.1365Video clip showing four kittens playing with one another
43ALICE the first Swedish baby goes VR7.333.44126Various shots of an infant in outdoor environments
44Conquer the Mega Ramp5.296.4386Viewer takes the perspective of an extreme sports participant and goes down a huge slope before leaping across a gap
45Joy Elicitation*5.632119Virtual environment of a field with flowers and butterflies
46Explore the world with IM3606.594.29197Various shots of popular tourist destinations
47Puppy Bowl XII7.444.75192Viewers watch puppies compete in a mock football match
48Holi Festival of Colors6.64173Journalistic clip on a popular festival in India
49India’s first ever 360 Wedding Video7.074201Various shots at an Indian wedding
50Puppies host SourceFed for a day7.475.3580Viewers get up close with some puppies
51Resonance: A Jump VR Video6.393.15275An experimental film that follows the journeys of a violin player
52Speed Flying6.757.42154Viewer follows a speed wing pilot as he glides past mountains
53Tomorrowland 20145.85.4265A highlights reel of the events at a popular music festival
54As It Is74.67154A trailer for a documentary on the history of the Grand Canyon
55New York City Jump5.864.21144Journalistic clip on the popular spots in New York City
56Solar Impulse assembles the Mobile Hangar5.83.8129A time lapse clip on the setting up of a temporary airplane hangar
57Les berges du centre à Wasquehal5.753.2587A promotional clip for a condominium, where viewers get to explore the features and interior
58Spangler Lawn5.093.2758A view of people spending an afternoon relaxing in a courtyard
59Seeking Pluto’s Frigid Heart64.31463A journalistic clip on the features of the planet Pluto
60Russian Knights acrobatic rehearsals5.734.2120Viewer takes the perspective of a fighter jet pilot involved in airshow rehearsals
61Kodak SP360 Yacht6.15.129A view of a yacht out at sea
62Mega Coaster6.177.17117Viewer takes the perspective of an extreme sports participant leaping off a ramp
63NASA: Encapsulation & Launch of OSIRIS Rex6.365.93285Documentary film on the planning and execution of rocket launches
64Surrounded by elephants5.945.56156Viewer has an up close experience with elephants in a field
65Kidnapped4.835.25406A short comedy where viewer takes the perspective of a kidnap victim in a case of mistaken identity
66Great Hammerhead Shark Encounter6.176.67134Viewer gets an up close experience with sharks in the sea
67Canyon Swing5.386.88104Viewer experiences swinging over an open canyon
68Jailbreak 3604.46.7339Short action film depicting a jailbreak from various closed-circuit cameras and how the culprit was captured
69Walk the tight rope6.466.91151Viewer experiences walking a tight rope over a canyon
70Tahiti Surf7.14.8205Viewer experiences snorkeling and surfing on a Tahitian beach
71Lion’s Last Stand5.885.2540Viewer gets an up close experience with a tiger on a savanna
72Relive Undertaker’s Entrance5.365.57122Viewer experiences a sports entertainment event at a packed stadium
73Through Mowgli’s Eyes6.276.1893A short film where the viewer observes a conversation between an ape and a boy