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An Easy-to-use Pipeline for an RGBD Camera and an AR Headset

The contribution of this paper lies in providing the code for a working system running with off-the-shelf hardware, but not in advancing theory in computer vision or graphics. The current work presents a system which uses one RGBD camera (Microsoft Kinect v2) to capture people in places, and an AR headset (Microsoft HoloLens) to display the scene. While the fidelity of the system is relatively low compared to others which utilize multiple cameras (i.e., Orts-Escolano et al., 2016), it displays with a high frame rate, has low latency, and is mobile in that it does not require a render computer.

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H. Jun
J.N. Bailenson
H. Fuchs
G. Wetzstein
Journal Name
PRESENCE: Teleoperators and Virtual Environments
Publication Date