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A framework for interactivity and presence in novel bodies

Researchers are beginning to explore the consequences of interacting with virtual worlds using non-human bodies. As virtual environments become more advanced, it is possible for participants to interact with their environments in increasingly sophisticated ways. Using trackers, users can control multiple avatar limbs in order to manipulate objects, move through space, and otherwise act in the virtual world. These avatar bodies need not conform to the normal human configuration, either in their appearance or in the way the tracked movements of the user are rendered to control the movements of the avatar. In this chapter we use the framework developed by Haans and IJsselsteijn to investigate the experience of presence in cases of nonhuman avatars or avatars that otherwise differ in ability or control schema from the user's own body; for example, avatars with more than two arms. We focus on cases where participants inhabit avatars in which the veridical mapping between tracking and rendering is disrupted.

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A.S. Won
A. Haans
W.A. IJsselsteijn
J.N. Bailenson
Journal Name
Interacting with Presence: HCI and the Sense of Presence in Computer-mediated Environments
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