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Enacting Virtual Boundaries: Music Video and the Changing Technological Landscape.

As VR hardware and software continuously improve, VR has become increasingly promising as a tool across multiple disciplines, including music. Given the unique affordances of VR, such as its ability to immerse users into the environment, VR can be an attractive medium to host music videos. Here, we discuss some of the affordances of VR and how they can transform the way in which we experience music videos. We argue that VR, through the means of haptics, interaction, and presence, can “redefine” our senses and understanding of the world, such as concepts of time and space, and how this ultimately influences the way we experience a music video. We discuss how the technological landscape of immersive music videos have evolved and now pose promising ways in which artists can experiment with core concepts of life to immerse viewers in music videos in novel ways. 

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Eugy Han
Ivan Quintero
Bloomsbury Publishing
Publication Date
October 5, 2023