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Journal Article

Lessons for/in virtual classrooms: designing a model for classrooms inside virtual reality


“Virtual reality (VR) is a promising tool in domains such as remote learning, where the medium can help resolve or bolster the holes in classroom curricula. While efforts have been made to bring VR into the classroom, this process comes with unanticipated challenges and successes. Here, we present pedagogical observations made by the teaching staff throughout the iterations of “Virtual People”, one of the first and largest courses offered inside VR. We discuss the importance of first, acclimating and accommodating students into VR before they can learn inside VR; second, finding appropriate material and tasks to do inside VR; third, navigating unexpected technical challenges; fourth, planning the physical configurations of the course; and fifth, planning the virtual configurations of the course. We offer recommendations for how to integrate VR into appropriate educational contexts in sustainable, equitable ways.” 

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Eugy Han
Jeremy N. Bailenson
Journal Name
Communication Education
Publication Date
March 20, 2024
Taylor & Francis