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Self-endorsed advertisements: When the self persuades the self

The phenomenon of the virtual self persuading the physical self to purchase goods or services has been referred to as self-endorsing. Despite limited formal research on the effects of self-endorsing, many manufacturers and service providers have already begun to invest in its potential power to sway individuals. Surprisingly, research suggests that even the slightest connection between the physical and the virtual self leads to greater persuasiveness. Considering its ease of creation relative to its persuasive strength, self-endorsing offers a simple, practical, and innovative means to break through the clutter of persuasive messages that surround an individual on a daily basis. Along with commercial advertising, self-endorsing may be a powerful motivator of behavioral modification when presented in the context of public service announcements.

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S.J. Ahn
J.N. Bailenson
Journal Name
Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice
Publication Date