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Self-endorsing versus other-endorsing in virtual environments: The effect on brand attitude and purchase intention

Self-endorsing-the portrayal of potential consumers using products is a novel advertising strategy made possible by the development of virtual environments. Three experiments compared self-endorsing to endorsing by an unfamiliar other. In Experiment 1, self-endorsing in online advertisements led to higher brand attitude and purchase intention than other-endorsing. Moreover, photographs were a more effective persuasion channel than text. In Experiment 2, participants wore a brand of clothing in a high-immersive virtual environment and preferred the brand worn by their virtual self to the brand worn by others. Experiment 3 demonstrated that an additional mechanism behind self-endorsing was the interactivity of the virtual representation. Evidence for self-referencing as a mediator is presented.

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S.J. Ahn
J.N. Bailenson
Journal Name
Journal of Advertising
Publication Date