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The Belated Guest: Exploring the Design Space for Transforming Asynchronous Social Interactions in Virtual Reality

Social meetings in Virtual Reality (VR) are fundamentally different from videoconferencing because the VR tracking data can be used to render scenes as if they were in real-time, enabling people to go back in time and experience discussions that they may have not attended. Moreover, the tracking data allows people to visit the meeting from any location in the room, as opposed to the single camera angle used for video conferences. The current paper describes the methodology of transforming tracking data around proxemics and head orienta-tions of recorded avatars to nonverbally assimilate new users into a recorded scene.

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P. Wang
M.R. Miller
J.N. Bailenson
Journal Name
IEEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces Abstracts and Workshops (VRW)
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