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Body Crumple, Sound Intrusion, and Embodiment Violation: Toward a Framework for Miscommunication in VR

The advent of widely-accessible VR has enabled individuals to communicate—and miscommunicate—in new ways. To explore these miscommunications, we introduce a preliminary framework based on events that occurred during 3600 minutes of observation inside a university course taught in VR. During the course, 250 people met in groups for about 20 minutes per session. We identify three types of miscommunication that routinely occurred: body crumple, sound intrusion, and embodiment violation. By mapping the affordances by which social VR fails to facilitate effective communication, we hope to provide educators, developers, and virtual ethnographers with a means for understanding and navigating the challenges of VR-based collaboration.

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D. Akselrad
C. DeVeaux
E. Han
M.R. Miller
J. Bailenson
Journal Name
CSCW ’23 Companion, October 14–18, 2023, Minneapolis, MN, USA
Publication Date