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Virtual reality as a promising tool to promote climate change awareness

Being environmentally literate is essential to building a sustainable relationship with the environment and to understanding the threat posed by pressing issues such as climate change. However, environmental literacy is challenging because it encompasses many complex dimensions. Moreover, there is often a gap in understanding the connections between individual actions and their consequences on the environment. Immersive virtual reality (IVR) could be a promising tool to address these challenges. This chapter reviews 13 papers addressing the use of IVR to promote environmental literacy and accounts for the current state of research in this field. It highlights gaps in knowledge that need to be filled if we want to leverage the potential of IVR to contribute to one of the most pressing challenges of our society, namely environmental issues.

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G. Fauville
A.C.M. Queiroz
J.N. Bailenson
Journal Name
Technology and Health: Promoting Attitude and Behavior Change