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How can I support the lab’s research?

We make all of our publications and content available for FREE. If you would like to support our work, please consider donating.

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How can I join your lab?

Current Stanford students can join our lab as a research aide or a programmer.

To learn more about graduate admissions, please visit the Communication Department website.

All questions about graduate admissions should be directed to

Any other inquiries can be directed to

How can I participate in studies?

You can enter your information to join our participant pool.

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Are any of your research scales available for use?

As an ongoing project, we are consistently working to make more of our measures available for use by other researchers. Take a look at our Presence Scales and our 360 Video Database. Please check back as we will continue to update our site with more tools.

Do you have any training modules we can use?

We do not provide training or treatment modules to companies or clinicians. If you are interested in learning more about using one of our experiences, please contact us at

How do I collaborate with the lab?

Please send a detailed proposal to The more thorough you are in explaining your idea and how we may be able to help, the easier it is for use to determine whether we may be able to collaborate.

Do you travel to events to give demos?

We do sometimes go to events to give talks and/or demos. Our preference is to run studies at events and collect data – this is approved by Stanford’s Institutional Review Board. In the past, we’ve run studies that the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC, the San Francisco Exploratorium, and the Tech Museum in San Jose to name a few.

What kinds of VR equipment does your lab use?

We are constantly updating the equipment in our lab to keep up with the latest advances in VR technology. Currently we have at least one of each of the major VR headsets. We are company agnostic and use whatever is best for any given study.

Do you have any office hours or times that I can stop by?

We DO NOT have open office or drop-in ours. If you are interested in visiting the lab, please make an appointment by emailing us at